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Stitch Guides, Stitch Sheets & Tips from Barbara Bergsten Designs

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PS29* Cabanas Stitch Sheet  
PS21* Small Stacked Stitches Stitch Sheet
PS22* Small Zig Zag Stitches Stitch Sheet
PS23* Dahlia Stitch Sheet  
PS24* Orchids Stitch Sheet  
PS25* Bright Stacked Stitches Stitch Sheet  
PS26* Bright Zig Zag Stitches Stitch Sheet  
PS27* Off Center Stitch Sheet  
PS28* Double Squares Stitch Sheet  
Xmas Trees Stitch Sheet    
Santa Stitches Stitch Sheets

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G01-G12 Penguin Stitch Sheets

H14 Pumpkin Patch Stitch Sheet

K01-K15 Kiss Stitch Sheets #14 & #18 mesh!

K16 Stitch Kiss Stitch Guide

K17 K18 K18 Stitch Sheet  

LTI06 Aqua-Green Long Tote Insert Stitch Guide

LTI06 Aqua-Green Needlepoint Long Tote Insert.jpg


LTI07 Pink-Aqua Long Tote Insert Stitch Guide

LTI07 Pink-Aqua Needlepoint Long Tote Insert.jpg

LTI07 Pink-Aqua Long Tote Insert Finished.jpg

MS10 Pink Patch Shift Stitch Guide

MS11 Pink Shift Stitch Sheet

MS12 Green Shift Stitch Sheet

MS14 Aqua Patch Shift Stitch Guide


PS02 Painted Stitches 6x6 Stitch Guide

PS02 Painted Stitches 6x6 14 mesh.jpg

PS02 Painted Stitches Sampler Finished.jpg

PS03 Painted Stitches Butterfly Stitch Guide

PS03 Painted Stitches Butterfly.jpg

PS03 Painted Stitches Butterfly Finished.jpg

PS07 Painted Stitches Palm Stitch Guide

PS10 Painted Stitches Large Retro Flowers Stitch Guide  
PS12 Painted Stitches Ribbon Sampler Stitch Guide

PS13 Sea Turtles Stitch Guide  
PS14 Beach House Stitch Guide  
PS15 Beach House Stitch Guide

PS16 Beach House Stitch Guide  
PS18 Summer Squares Stitch Guide

PS18 Summer Squares Teaching Guide  

S17 Stitch Stress Stitch Guide

S17 Stitch Stress Needlepoint.jpg

S17 Stitch Your Stress Finished.jpg

SQ30 Tropical Bamboo Stitch Guide

WC22 Crab Stitch Sheet  
X25 Crazy Quilt Stocking 1 Stitch Guide  

X26 Crazy Quilt Stocking 2 Stitch Guide


X28 Present Polar Bear Stitch Sheet

X31 Small Package Wreath Stitch Guide

X57 Tinsel Tangle Stitch Sheet

X58 Naughty Stitch Sheet


Stitch Diagrams

coming soon

Milanese Stitch.jpg

Milanese Stitch step 2 stitched.jpg

Discontinued Canvases Stitch Guides    
LTI08 Tropical Bamboo Stitch Guide

NPSQ05 Tropical Bamboo Stitch Guide

PS08 Painted Stitches Small Retro Flower    Stitch Guide

PS08 Small Retro Flower.jpg

PS09 Painted Stitches Large Puccy Stitch Guide

PS17 Painted Stitches Beach Patch Stitch Guide

PS19 Painted Stitches Island Girl Stitch Guide

S51 Think Pink Stitch Guide

FP01-FP12 Flower Plantstand Stitch Sheet

NPC17 Tropical Bamboo Stitch Guide

NPC17 Tropical Bamboo.jpg

NPT07 Tropical Bamboo Stitch Guide

NPT08 Large Flower Plantstand Stitch Sheet

PS01 Painted Stitches 5x5 Stitch Guide

Painted Stitches 5x5.jpg


PS04 Painted Stitches Ladybug Stitch Guide

PS04 Painted Stitches Ladybug.jpg

PS04 Painted Stitches Ladybug Finished.jpg

PS05 Painted Stitches Bee Stitch Guide

PS05 Painted Stitches Bee.jpg


PS06 Tropical Bamboo Stitch Guide

PS11 Painted Stitches Iris Stitch Guide  
PS20 Painted Stitches Fruit Salad Stitch Guide

RI22 Tropical Bamboo 1 Stitch Guide

RI23 Tropical Bamboo 2 Stitch Guide

RI24 Tropical Bamboo 3 Stitch Guide

SQ37 Striped Palm Stitch Sheet  
SQ38 Gingham Crab Stitch Sheet  
SQ39 Tennis Racquet Stitch Sheet  
SQ40 Anchor Stitch Sheet  
WC07 Striped Palm Stitch Sheet  
WC08 Gingham Crab Stitch Sheet  
WC09 Tennis Racquet Stitch Sheet  
WC10 Anchor Stitch Sheet  
X21 Gingerbread Tudor


X22 Gingerbread Farmhouse

X22 Gingerbread Farmhouse.jpg

X22 Gingerbread Farmhouse - Finished.jpg

X32 Large No Peeking Stitch Sheet

X33 Bright Package Stitch Sheet  
X34 Jolly Package Stitch Sheet  
X35 Humbug Package Stitch Sheet  
X36 Peeking Package Stitch Sheet  
X37 Naughty Package Stitch Sheet  
X38 Season Package Stitch Sheet  
X39 Tree Ribbon Stocking Stitch Guide  
X40 Heart Ribbon Stocking Stitch Guide  
X41 Wreath Mitten Stitch Guide  
X42 Deer Mitten Stitch Guide  
X43 Snowman Mitten Stitch Guide  
X44 Large Package Wreath Stitch Guide


10C10 Beach Girls 4 Stitch Sheet

10C10 Beach Girls 4 Needlepoint.jpg

10C10 Beach Girls 4 finished.jpg

PW09 Stitch Stash Around Stitch Sheet

PW09 Stitch Stash Around Needlepoint Pillow.jpg

PW09 Finished Stitch Stash Around Needlepoint Pillow.jpg

SCC06 Cottage 6 Stitch Sheet

SCC06 Cottage 6 Needlepoint.jpg

SCC06 Cottage 6.gif

ST04 Patchwork Square Stitch Sheet

ST04 Patchwork Needlepoint Small Tote.jpg

ST04 Patchwork Small Tote.gif

X02 HO HO Santa Stitch Sheet

X02 HO HO Santa Needlepoint.jpg

X02 HO-HO-Santa.gif

Initially Stitches Stitch Sheet

Initally Stitches Prototype.jpg





Project Sheet Notes

Project Sheet Notes.jpg


Circus 33 Letter Sheet

Circus 33 Letter Sheet.jpg


Veranda 8 Letter Sheet

Veranda 8 Letter Sheet..jpg





Featuring "Painted Stitches" canvases and free stitch guides. Creative line of hand-painted needlepoint canvases! Decorative, functional, wearable! Uncomplicated, clear colors are easy to needlepoint for the novice or creatively embellish for the veteran stitcher. All canvases are expertly stitch painted. Barbara Bergsten Designs is the perfect addition for your Needlepoint Shop.

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